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short curly hairstyles

Short Curly Hairstyles

Every girl likes to curl her hair once in a while but if you have naturally curly hair then consider yourself lucky. You would be saved from buying a lot of curling products like the other girls do. Well, short curly hair can be quite messy and hard to handle when it comes to styling. The good news is that there are a lot of short curly hairstyles which are simple and elegant. It can save you trouble and give you an adorable look every day. The cute and chic short curly hairstyles need some technique to make it look different and gorgeous every time you are about to style it up.

short curly hairstyles

Short hairstyles have been in trend over the globe throughout. They are unique and classic in their own way. It depends on the personality whether you can carry the short hairstyle in an amazing manner or not but they look beautiful. Short haircuts and short hairstyles have become all-time favorite of many ladies because they are easy to manage and there is less hassle in styling them. There are less of new hairstyles which have been invented but many are the ones which are ancient and have been customized according to the modern look for nowadays. it has been given new shape and appearance which changes the entire look of a person.

short curly hairstyles

Some Short Curly Hairstyles:

1. Swept curly bob hairstyle

This is the Swept curly bob hairstyle where you would need some hairspray to keep the curls away from your face. You can style it up from the middle of the head by making a curled puff. Spray it gently so it stays on its place.

2. Short layered hair  for curly hair

Layers haircut is liked by most of the girls because it looks stylish and fashionable. If you want to keep your hair short, you can get layers in them also. they would be short and two layers which would be curled up making you look simple and cute.

3. Side swept curly hairstyle

This hairstyle can be made easily. If you have naturally curled hair then take all the hair on either one side of your head and prefer to hairspray so that it stays there. Females who have curly hair with big curls, there hair are naturally smooth and silky so hairspray would be needed for some.

4. Side parted curly hair

Both sides of the head have equally divided hair with the curls being naturally made. Short hairstyles are easy to make but you just need to do the stylish in a way so it looks different every time.

5. Edgy end short curly hairstyle

The hair which are around your neck have the edgy style, they are either straight or have edgy ends. The rest of the hair in the middle of the head are curled up and set properly giving it a beautiful look.


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