How to Do Eye Makeup, Shadow | Unique Tutorial

Women! Who have craze of makeup, must keeps eyes on it. This is all about how to do eye makeup. It surly helps you for finding distinctive techniques to put makeup.
How to apply makeup

How to Do Eye Makeup, Shadow | Unique Trendy Tutorial

Makeup refers to the artificial beauty. But it might gives you real look. In this century makeup has hold a distinctive and fine place in fashion field. With makeup it seems look the world without illuminates. Eye makeup has exceptional and particular value. Almost all age women want to look beautiful. This is only the thing which gives you temporary or quick beauty. But the major problem is that, Mostly woman not know how to do eye makeup. Here we are teaching how you can make your eyes more gorgeous and eye catching with tricks of makeup.

How to do eye makeup and shadow:

First of all, while applying eye shadows one thing should be remember that is selection of brushes must be right. The perfect selection of eye shade brushes may help you to put shades quickly and easily. After that, find out the shape of your eye. The shape or posture of eye definitely helps you to make it bold or shrill whatever you want. Eye-shades are always applied according to your color complexion. Dark eye-shades are only suited to those female eyes who have fine color complexion. While light or medium types of glazes are perfectly suited to the dark complexion.

How to do eye makeup and shadow

How to apply makeup?

Following steps may help you to carry out perfect Eye makeup.

  • First of all rinse your face with fine face wash or beauty soap whatever you want to use.
  • Use little bit drop of cleanser or any type of moisturizer, which helps to put on makeup easily.
  • Next step is the most important, which is base. One thing kept in mind, base should match with your skin tone.
  • If you have oily skins then apply powder base or dry base in order to control oil. If you have dry skin put aqua base or foundation in order to carry out dryness.
  • Eyes are the prominent feature of face. Try don’t make over it. Apply thin or thick layer of eye liner according to the shape of your eye
  • Apply mascara to make your eyes bold.
  • Blush your cheeks with natural pink color
  • Apply soft Lip color for natural look.

How to do eye makeup:

We are exhibiting simple and quick steps for putting dazzling makeup. Different eye shapes have different steps to apply makeup. Makeup of hooded eyes is the toughest shape to carry on. The stiff or soft type of dome brushes is helpful while applying shades. The base of your eye is very necessary. Base of eyes are off two shades that is golden and silver. Put any one of them you want to.

how to do eye makeup


Are you looking for eye makeup tutorials?

Somehow some females know very well but they rather apply properly. Tutorials help you to learn how to put on makeup step by step. Here we are demonstrating the every step one by one how to put eye makeup. You will be glad to know the simple, easier and quick tips and tricks of how to do eye makeup.

Smokey eyes makeup:

Smokey eye makeup is one the popular or stunning form of makeup. Mostly woman seems took it difficult to create the desirable smoky look. The different and unique combinations of shades definitely give amazing look to your eyes. It totally changes the feature of your look and face cuts. It applies according to the shape of your shape of your eyes. Hooded eyes are perfectly suited for smoky eye makeup.

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