Acne Skin Causes & Treatments

Acne is one of a worst issue originating in our adults. Skin is made up of sensitive organs which obviously require special care.
Most Effective Acne

Acne Skin Care | Acne Skin Causes & Treatments

Acne is one of a worst issue originating in our adults. Skin is made up of sensitive organs which obviously require special care. Different products are available for acne in the market. But, these products are not considering enough solution to get rid of from acne. Some simple home remedies also prove fruitful for pimples, scars, spots and oily skin. Acne Skin Care is very necessary otherwise it may go on and may bring infection to your skin.

Acne Skin Care

Pimple Remedies:

There are so many cosmetic products are available to cure from acne. Dermatologists also made different medicated soaps, creams and cleansers for pimple treatment. But, homemade remedies also effective to get rid of pimples. Some remedies are listed below to help you in effective manners.

  • Honey is considered as natural acne skin care Mix Black pepper powder with honey in 1:2 and apply on acne affected area, it will prove to best for acne skin.
  • Aloe Vera is one of the best remedy for acne, just apply a thin slice of Aloe Vera gel for 20 mints daily, pimples will surly vanish after some days.
  • Cut a piece of garlic and rub on pimples slowly, apply this remedy daily for 5 mints. It will remove your pimples without any scar.

Treatment for Pimples:

Pimples or Acne may cause embarrassment or inferiority complex in a person who suffer from this. According to research it is concluded that, depression is common disease among those people who having acne or pimple problem. Here we are discussing some simple and quick tricks to see off pimples.

Your diet is one the major problem of acne now days. Uses of healthy diet full of vitamins prove to be good for skin. Water is one the essential requirement of our skin. Use of excess water prevents your skin from acne. Fresh fruits are also helpful curing from skin problems.

Best Acne skin care Spot Treatment:

After curing from acne, it may bring a spot or scar on your face which diminishes your beauty. Potato juice and rose water prove to be best for removal of acne spots and scares. It will also give you the fairer color complexion and bring fascinated beauty to your skin. Acne skin care is very important to fight against it on proper time. For the sake of acne spot treatment washes your face with rose water after applying makeup.

skin care Spot Treatment

Most Effective Acne Treatment:

Some natural items help in Acne treatment in effective manner. Like,

Lemon: lemon is one the best and quick treatment for acne at home. Dip your fingers in lemon juice and massage your face with loose hands just for 10 mints and rinse with cold water.

Honey: Take a piece of cotton, dip it into honey and apply to your face and keep it left for 15 to 20 mints.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is natural antibacterial product which fights against acne.

Whiten part of egg: Apply the whiten part of egg just for 15 mints. It will treat your pimple in a excellent manner after a week.

Yogurt: one table spoon of yogurt mix with few drops of lemon juice and applies it on your face for 20 mints. Yogurt also helps from curing signs of aging.

Whiten part of egg

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